Extra-ordinary is a new series that tells the story of an achievement in the life of a special person.  This series will celebrate people who work extra hard to do the ordinary things that many of us take for granted. Together, I want us to get to know a group of extraordinary people whose abilities triumph the challenges they work to overcome every day. They conquer life often against the odds. From them we can learn about life and perseverance and determination to make the most of everyday.

If you know someone whose story needs to be told, send me an email at kathy.bell24@gmail.com or get in touch through asharmedlife.wordpress.com

My blog reading lately has been filled with stories of people that I find amazing. Through these blogs and social media posts, I feel I have come to know a group of people, with their families, who fight to make sense of their situations and to find that better path for themselves and the people who will follow after them. Perhaps it goes hand in hand with welcoming a new year, but it encourages me to continue to tell Kevin’s story and the stories of others whose accomplishments must be celebrated.

Most of storytellers wouldn’t know how their words have reached me, and most of them I have never met. Their journeys are difficult, and I want them to know that they did not go unnoticed. Reading these stories, I feel like I have a met a group of the most extraordinary people. Thanks to Humans of New York, The Mowat-Wilson Syndrome CommunityThe Caregivers’ Living Room, Phoebe Rose RocksWords by Julie and WAVE Ottawa for allowing me and others to get a glimpse of a day in the life.

Get in touch if you know of someone who has a story that should be told. Share these stories with your friends and family as a reminder of people’s strength and spirit and to acknowledge that the world is full of people we need to get to know.

Here we go!